Andrew Clegg Guitarist


Acoustic Guitar 2

'Andrew's classical guitar lessons were very enjoyable and really help me improve my technique - Thank you! ' Paul B

'After looking for ukulele lessons in York for my son, i found Andrew and he was excellent at helping my 7 year old grow in confidence with his ukulele playing - Highly recommended!'
Mrs Thompson

'Excellent electric guitar classes - helped me so much with my GCSE music!' - Tom P


Benefits of music for children & adults

1 – It is fun!
Probably the most important element of learning and playing an instrument.

2 - It will boost brain power
Want to give your child or yourself a mental advantage? Music can do that. "More and more studies show a correlation between higher academic achievement with people who are exposed to music," says music specialist Meredith LeVande. "Music simply stimulates parts of the brain that are related to reading, maths and emotional development."

3 - It helps people socially
Picking up an instrument can also help your child break out of their social shell too, experts say. "Socially, children who become involved in a musical group or ensemble learn important life skills, such as how to relate to others, how to work as a team and appreciate the rewards that come from working together, and the development of leadership skills and discipline"

4 - It's a confidence builder
Music can help develop confidence and increase self-esteem by learning by playing an instrument.

5 - It teaches patience
We live in a world of instant gratification, but real life demands having patience. When you are playing in a band or orchestra (and most musicians do), you have to be willing to wait your turn to play. That inadvertently teaches patience”

6 - It can help you connect
Music can be a much-needed connection for kids (and adults too!). "It can satisfy the need to unwind from the worries of life, but unlike the other things people often use for this purpose, such as excessive eating, drinking, or TV or aimless web browsing, it makes people more alive and connected with one another"

7 - It's constant learning
In some pursuits, you can never truly learn everything there is to know. Music is like that. "It is inexhaustible -- there is always more to learn”

8 - It's a great form of expression
"It gives pleasure and expresses nuances of emotional life for which there are no words"

9 - It fosters creativity
Above all, playing music -- particularly as kids get to more advanced levels in it -- is a creative pursuit. Creatively is good for the mind, body and soul.

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